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Financial Partnership

If you would like to invest into eternity and the future generations, then the following ways can mobilize the gospel across America

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A united church can heal a divided land.  Working together  - we can save the soul of America Prayer – become an intercessor for the Jesus Loves America campaign.  The battle starts in the heavens Church Engagement – help to develop strategies and get the word to every church across the nation and particularly in […]

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Evangelists & Missionaries

We are looking to partner with evangelists, soul-winners, missionaries, mission agencies and other non-profits to mobilize the body of Christ in lead up to the event, and at the event.  If you are interested in being trained in how to share thee gospel and adopt & disciple new believers then we have a School of […]

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As ministries are often unique in your purpose, please reach out to us and we will work to serve the needs of your ministry as best as we can do.  If you are a mission agency then please see our “Evangelists & Missionaries” page.

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We are here to serve the local church.  We do this by helping you to make more of your people missional, and your missional people even more effective. In the journey towards the door knock of DFW, we partner to equip and mobilize believers.  Our team will work with your church to develop a mission […]

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