Ministry strategy

Ministries are often unique in your purpose, so please reach out to us and we will work to serve the needs of your ministry in a way that is most effective for you. If you are a Missions Agency, then please see our Evangelists and Missionaries page. 
Evangelists and Missionaries

4 key asks

Mobilize Prayer 

As we prepare for the city-wide outreach, we as that ministries mobilize their staff and volunteers to commit to prayer. 

Evangelism Equipping Class

Teach your people the most effective way to evangelize, giving them the tools they need to feel confident sharing the gospel. 

Discipleship Training

Run a discipleship training event or course to help mature believers begin to adopt new younger believers to get involved. 

Attend The Event 

Connect in for the event in order to door-knock DFW in June 2023. 
Get Involved
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